Entry #1

The First News post

2008-06-25 08:48:32 by Neturi

Hello Everyone!
It's my first News post here and most of you don't know me so I tell a little bit about myself.
I'm Neturi, 20-years-old boy in Finland.
I'm mostly in Deviantart but in Newgrounds I have post 2 solo and 1 group flash-entry and they all have been get trough.
My hobbies are watching anime, reading manga, drawing anime-styled picturies and of course making flash-animations.

I've making a new Flash animation which consumes random shorts and of course my original characters are in it. Nothing more to say this time. See you guys around.


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2009-06-30 16:29:06

Did you see the shiny new Art Portal button?

Neturi responds:

Yeah! and I have some art put there too ; D